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Trudi Nisbet Artist

About the artist

HI, I'm a textile and fibre artist with a focus on creating contemporary art with a deep connection to the traditional arts and crafts. My arts reflects my appreciation for the forgotten crafts of the past. Weaving, basketry, spinning and natural dyeing will often be featured. 

My designs are kept simple to enable texture and colour to take centre stage and to showcase the interesting and unusual fibres. 

With no formal education in art , rather i am constantly learning by exploring and experimenting and playing, and as a result my art is in continual development.

A little bit about my teaching practice.

When we embrace imperfections we open the door to creativity and this is reflected in my approach to teaching. My philosophy ' there are no mistakes , only design elements" makes for a very relaxed and flexible learning environment. My Early Childhood  Diploma  in teaching has given me not only a a great foundation for teaching, but has highlighted the importance of having fun while learning.

Please contact me if you would like to know more